Cadipietra granary in the Ahrntal Valley

A history-charged atmosphere & moving witness of times past

Experience history up close – in the Cadipietra granary in the Ahrntal Valley. In the former Predoi copper mine the Cadipietra granary welcomes visitors with a very special atmosphere. Used decades ago as a food warehouse, today it is a mining museum, recounting what life was like working under ground in times past.

The collection exhibited is, for the most part, from Count Enzenberg, who helped the Kornkasten granary out with a loan. In the middle of the 15th century the Cadipietra granary was a store for all the requisite goods used for mining operations. These were raw materials such as grain, lighting for the caves and of course tools for the miners who proceeded into the mountain with gumption and courage to mine the sought-after copper ore.

In the museum itself numerous exhibits recount the history of mining in Predoi and enable you to become immersed in a long forgotten past.

History is alive here – in the Cadipietra granary

The virtual ‘wonder chamber’ in the mining museum displays the complete Enzenberg collection. Glean useful information about individual exhibits and about the history of mining in Predoi.

The philosophy of life which the miners shared at that time is unexpected and surprising – there was a special mysteriousness which went with life underground and the mountain workers were frequently a bit superstitious due to the continual danger to their lives. A refurbished painting in the Cadipietra granary reveals all the mining structures, which are shown artistically and in full detail.

Films and audio material also provide information about the difficult everyday life of the miners and their challenging tasks on the mountain. The high risk copper trading industry in the Ahrntal Valley, which claimed hundreds of lives, is authentically revealed.

The exhibition combines art, handcrafts and music and therefore provides an action-packed experience for all the family. Take yourself on a voyage through time – in the Cadipietra granary.