Culture in South Tyrol

When myths become iconic

South Tyrol, the land of a thousand myths and legends, of sagas and of architectural gems, is one of the most significant cultural regions in Italy. Living among down-to-earth culture and contemporary art is inspiring, with its seeming contrast – when you look, feel, hear, taste and experience properly you sense that the traditional and the contemporary come together in a wonderful way here.

Indeed, you get to enjoy both here – life with its finger on the pulse and a tangible feeling of rootedness in this fantastic area. In the heart of South Tyrol, between the Zillertal Alps and the world-renowned Dolomites, in the Ahrntal Valley – a valley of wonders, special features and stories.

Discover them – in the museums, exhibitions and during events which celebrate our traditions.

Space for tradition. Space for history

South Tyrol’s museums, exciting exhibits and historic monuments enhance your relaxing and enjoyable days in our hotels in South Tyrol. Whether it is a romantic sightseeing tour of the castle in Tures, a trip to the copper caves at Predoi mining works or exploring the Cadipietra granary – the Ahrntal Valley inspires with its wide and varied range of cultural experiences. Indeed the natural surroundings themselves provide the most beautiful setting for cultural enjoyment. Discover the Museum of minerals or the Messner Mountain Museum, which is wholly dedicated to the inspiration provided by the mountains. In the Crib museum South Tyrolean handcrafts are presented in an atmospheric manner, while in the Museum of popular art in Teodone, culture and tradition are tangible.

The highlight of your journey into the past will doubtless be to see the legendary man from the ice, who you can gaze at in astonishment in Bolzano in the Ötzi Museum. You always get to discover something new and you can allow yourself to be captivated by Alpine history, which can barely be experienced in a more authentic way, or be more connected to the natural surroundings anywhere else.

Tradition & Culture in South Tyrol

Artistically down to earth

South Tyrol is as varied as it is unique, for in the combination of Alpine way of life, the Tyrolean outlook on life and elegant ‘Dolce Vita’, a cultural landscape is formed which is beyond compare.

The high alpine traditions in particular and the proud tradition of farming shape the year, providing many highlights. The many seasonal events such as the Alpine cattle drive are still among the loveliest festivals in the year. Everything is festooned, there are celebrations and dancing – all the people of the Ahrntal Valley are there when the cows, bedecked with flowers, leave their summer residence to return to the valley.

South Tyrol is well-known for its talented handcraft workers, whether that be in carving or lace making – the pieces exhibited are sought-after souvenirs and precious unique specimens. Enjoy the variety of culture on offer in South Tyrol.