A holiday in the Ahrntal Valley

Wonder of nature, adventure in the mountains & cultural variety

Our Ahrntal Valley, the valley of the three-thousand metre mountains, a paradise for activities and a region of culture, is located in the northern part of South Tyrol – right where the south side of the Zillertal Alps meets the foothills of the Dolomites, where the adventure mountains of the region are inspiring, entertaining events characterise the Alpine year and a wide variety of activities lure you out into the fresh air.

Summer is alluring with its particularly mild climate – the natural surroundings are the backdrop for lots of exciting excursions, for tours of discovery, and even for world-renowned events. Hike around the mountains in the Ahrntal Valley – these highlights are so close by and you can start out on your hiking and Nordic Walking tours very conveniently right at our hotels in South Tyrol.

While mountain biking you can find out about the many different aspects of our valley, while golfers get to enjoy a game on very well-tended greens in the midst of Alpine-Mediterranean surroundings.

For many years the Ahrntal Valley has been a real paradise for climbers and paragliders, during which the landscape can be discovered from a completely different perspective. Things get adventurous during rafting too, and during a guided riding excursion in the superb natural surroundings.

In winter the Skiworld Ahrntal Valley and the Kronplatz inspire ski fans, families and freestylers. During magical winter hikes, revitalising cross-country tours and tobogganing you get to experience up close the magic of this deep snow-covered winter wonderland during your holiday in the Ahrntal Valley.

Culture & tradition during your holiday in the Ahrntal Valley

A region which has character & history

South Tyrol has a history – our culture is always celebrated in a very special way. Discover the treasures of times past during your holiday in the Ahrntal Valley.

At Tures Castle chivalrous life in South Tyrol is impressively on show. In the courtyard you get to gaze in wonder at the venerable halls, chambers and the castle’s dungeon. Even the at one time so vitally important copper mining has left remnants traces behind; Predoi Mines and Cadipietra Granary recount days long past.

The natural surroundings are in themselves one of the loveliest cultural gems. In the Museum of minerals precious stones from the Alps are exhibited and in the Messner Mountain Museum mountaineer and legendary adventurer Reinhold Messner reveals the Alps from a fascinating perspective.

One particularly impressive encounter is a trip to the world-renowned Ötzi Museum in Bolzano, where the myth-enshrouded man from the ice came to rest.

You can get a feeling for tradition and customs during the Alpine cattle drive, in the Crib museum and in the Museum of Popular Art and also when you take a look at lace-making. Find out about handcrafts and culture – during your holiday in the Ahrntal Valley.

Excursion destinations in South Tyrol

A new realm every day

Discover the loveliest excursion destinations around our hotels in South Tyrol. Just half an hour’s drive away, Brunico is enticing, a lovely little town which has a “Dolce Vita” atmosphere.

Bressanone, the oldest town in Tyrol, is home to very special sights and to the state capital Bolzano a little metropolis surrounded by vineyards and with art & culture from all over the world.

Merano is not far away, an Alpine-Mediterranean spa town which is held in high regard for its unique gardens, such as the Gardens of Trauttmansdorff Castle as well as other high-quality events.

Probably the loveliest mountains in the world are waiting for you here, our Dolomites, which will amaze you with their sublime rock massifs and towering stone sculptures. The Waterfalls of Riva, Earth Pyramids in Perca and the crystal-clear Lago di Neves are places where you can enjoy the pure natural surroundings.

Lake Braies is known for its picturesque surroundings and is the perfect destination for a day trip before you enjoy the poignant ambience in the little Santo Spirito – Casere church during your holiday in the Ahrntal Valley.

Highlights in South Tyrol’s Ahrntal Valley

An event realm in South Tyrol

A holiday in the Ahrntal Valley is always a highlight – lots of parties, entertaining celebrations and exciting thrilling sports events ensure you get to enjoy very special moments here in the region.

At the cheese festival those of you who enjoy delicious dairy produce are very well catered for. The programme of events consists of tasting sessions, exhibition cookery courses and boisterous parties, all with music of course.

Gourmets also get to enjoy Street food in Tures, when, out in the open, traditional South Tyrolean and Mediterranean foods are cooked up in experimental fashion. You get to sample food here and can take in the party atmosphere.

In winter the Snow sculpture festival on the Kronplatz whisks you off into new realms. At the "International wood-carvers symposium" artists from the region show off their special skills.

Ambitious athletes get in the training so they can take part in the in-demand and spectacular Gore-Tex Transalpine run, probably the hardest run in our latitudes. The route extends from the south of Germany here to us in South Tyrol and demands genuinely top performances from the runners.

Be there – during the adventure highlights in your holiday in the Ahrntal Valley.