Crib museum Lutago in the Ahrntal Valley

Faith meets handcrafts

In a place which appreciates handcrafted items and which can look back upon a long Christian tradition, is where you’ll find the Crib museum Lutago. An artistic eye, skilful hands and the ability to be able to implement even the smallest detail carefully, demonstrates a high degree of wood craft.

The crib museum is an exhibition room, an artists’ studio and artisan workshop at the same time. Here you get to watch how the loveliest cribs, sculptures and rooms are created, and you can become a part of this tradition. With the crib museum, the vision of the Gartner family was to create a place of faith and of spirituality at the same time – and an inspiring atmosphere was the result.

Even the reception room impresses with its realistic replica of a Tyrolean barn, which has been made from old wood from the dilapidated Holzlechnhof. Behind this, there is a variety of different cribs in North Tyrolean and also South Tyrolean style – which are of course elaborately set up, painted and lit up. Artists from South Tyrol and Austria have enhanced the pieces, which are there waiting to be discovered by you.

Wood in its loveliest form. Crib museum Lutago

Crib and set designers from across the region have set up an exhibit which stuns, impresses and is known far beyond its borders. Particularly eye-catching is the large Oriental crib, which is accentuated by atmospheric music and plays of light.

New in the Crib museum is the so-called ‘Gloriole’ – a room which has an ornate ceiling, designed to be like a gloriole. Lots of new works have been positioned here and they are sure to amaze you. The 70 m² walk-in crib in the basement of the museum is a highlight too. Life-size figures and an enchanting starry sky make for a wonderful ambience – immerse yourself in the scenery of this piece.

The Room of Silence in the museum is the replica of a Gothic snug – experience the year 1560 – the barrel vault is impressive and well worth seeing. Your sightseeing tour of the museums is led by the visionary Paul Gartner. He recounts information, interesting facts and astonishing things about the individual pieces. A film at the start of the tour provides you with an introduction to the realm of crib art.

In short, a visit to the Crib museum Lutago, close to our hotels in South Tyrol is worthwhile at any time.