Lace-making in the Ahrntal Valley

Artistic lace

The Ahrntal Valley has for many generations been known for its handcrafts. One very special technique in the creative making of lace doilies is known as lace-making. A special cushion is embroidered using the finest linen yarn. The lace bobbin hangs at the end of the linen, a reel which is turned and this leaves an impressive pattern.

Lace-making comes from a time when the mines closed their doors and people were looking for new things to do. Today it is among the indispensable cultural assets in South Tyrol. In Predoi, women in particular have shaped this handcraft and perfected it over the years. Even today there are still families in the Ahrntal Valley who have not changed the technique which has been handed down and they create impressive laces with nimble fingers.

Pay a visit to one of the traditional businesses and find a lovely souvenir for family and friends. Experience South Tyrolean handcrafts while on a personal guided tour finding out interesting facts about lace-making in the Ahrntal Valley.